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I am a Canadian who has been fortunate enough to live and work in Norway since 1998. I have worked as a system developer, project manager and university lecturer. For the last ten years I have been a translator and proof reader, working as part of a team (see box at lower right.)

As Norwegians might say, is poor English really “so dangerous”?

Norwegians are incredibly friendly, resourceful and many are highly skilled in English. Unfortunately, like everyone expressing themselves in a second language, they occasionally make mistakes which English speakers might react to. In many situations, spelling and grammar errors do not matter much, but when you are trying to make a professional and reliable impression, mistakes can make the difference between success and failure. In the worst case, a poorly translated contract can lead to legal trouble. It is fine to be funny when you do it on purpose, but not so great when it is unintentional. On this point I speak with the voice of experience – I have been unintentionally amusing many times when learning Norwegian.

Why use me to help with your English content?

Even though my site is called Perfect English I cannot promise perfection. However, English is my mother tongue and I have spoken, written and worked in English for over 50 years. I understand the many sometimes subtle nuances between American and British English and am highly focused on quality. My approach is to read the text carefully first to get the sense of it and to identify any terms or phrases that need to be clarified with my client. Then I translate the text while having online access to many previously translated documents to ensure consistency. Finally, I read through the translation for a final quality check. The result for my clients is a very professional impression both in Norway and internationally.

What and for whom?

I have translated or improved online and print editions of press releases, news stories, letters, annual reports, board reports and presentations, HR documents, offers and contracts, marketing brochures, manuals, software dialogs, health questionnaires, meeting minutes, resumes, menus and more.

I have worked with organizations such as Hydro, Fjord Line, Simula Research Laboratory, Markedskraft, Nordic World Ski Championships 2011, several music festivals, Telenor, Gjensidige (Insurance and Banking), Det Norske Veritas, Norwegian Public Health Institute, Norwegian Cancer Society, Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, Statoil, University of Oslo, Siemens, Orkla and several others. I deliver quickly, with extremely high quality and at a reasonable price.

Proofreading and improvement of English content and rewriting of content for use online are also services I offer. Most of the work I complete for my clients is charged on an hourly basis, based on an estimate given in advance, but work can also be charged on a word basis.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Please contact me if I can contribute in any way.LinkedIn

Feedback from clients

We have never received this kind of feedback from one of our customers before: “fantastic English text!” 🙂

Cecilie Matheson, Schjærven Pilot

I want to thank you so much for excellent cooperation and your amazing flexibility. You have been a great support to work with, especially during the busy period before the launch… thanks a lot!

Åse Lindersen, Project manager, Statkraft history web

Medialounge uses Glen for all proofreading of English content and translation from Norwegian to English. We are equally impressed with the result every time. He is thorough, timely and creative, and finds the desired tone of voice immediately. We recommend him to anyone looking for fast, professional translation.

Henriette Hedløv, Medialounge AS

Thanks again for splendid work! Synes det er veldig flott å ha deg med på laget, ikke minst fordi du ikke bare slavisk oversetter ord for ord, men leter etter meningen og sammenhengen og “gjenforteller” det journalistisk på engelsk. Og tekstene dine er helt uten språklige feil, såvidt jeg er i stand til å bedømme. Også det er jo veldig viktig. The small, revealing details…

Eivind Bull-Hansen, Hydro

I strongly recommend Glen. He works closely with the client to make sure the translation makes professional sense. He handles short deadlines and uses his network to get additional manpower if required. He always delivers on quality, time and price.

Torkil Mogstad, Markedskraft AS

Thank you for the wonderful work you do for the festival and for your great translations!

Petter Sæter Stordahl, Oslo International Church Music Festival

I have worked with Glen for many years in his role as a project manager. The last year he has also provided translations and done proofreading for me. He is very accurate, delivers on time (or before time) and gives good advice on how to improve texts. I know Glen as a very reliable and quality conscious person, and it is always a pleasure to work together with him.

Kirsten Margrethe Hovi, Hydro

Glen brings his project management skills and quality-focus to translation assignments, with good results.

Kevin Reeder,

Amesto Certified Partner 2012 Amesto Certified Partner 2013 Amesto Certified Partner 2014

Part of a team

I work closely with two other senior translators which means that together we can complete assignments of all sizes and can check the quality of each other's work. Our network also includes two experienced Norwegian translators who translate from English to Norwegian when necessary. All five of us have many years of successful practice behind us and can therefore guarantee the quality and consistency of everything we deliver. Translation bureaus on the other hand, with which we have extensive experience, use internal and freelance translators of widely varying experience, from total beginners to more senior. So the quality of the result is completely dependent on who is available when the assignment comes in.

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